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Upholstery/Mattress Cleaning

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Using our powerful professional cleaning machine and the latest products and industry approved methods. We are able to clean and care for your upholstery, whilst providing a deep down clean and amazing results that need to be seen to be beleived.

Our cleaning process is quick and dry times are kept to the absolute minimum. Preventing potential problems and making sure your upholstery is back in use quickly.

All cleaning solutions used are eco-friendly and non-toxic. Protecting your home, family, pets and any chemically sensitive persons.

All major carpet and upholstery manufacturers recommend regular cleaning and care. Professional cleaning will prolong the life of your carpets and upholstery. However poorly trained and in-experienced cleaners can cause more harm then good. We come across situations weekly where cleaners have left upholstery wet for days and still with soapy cleaning products still present. This can damage your carpets and upholstery and at best will lead to rapid re-soiling. Making the clean as waste of time.

We have been cleaning carpets and upholstery for over 20 years and have the experience and equipment to provide an excellent job. Call today…….

Upholstery Cleaning Clean Clean with fabric guard
Fabric Armchair £17.00 £20.00
Fabric 2 Seater Sofa £30.00 £40.00
Fabric 3 Seater Sofa £40.00 £50.00
Fabric 4/5 Seater Sofa £50.00 £60.00
*Prices shown are all inclusive….

Help rid your mattress of dust mites and odours without buying a new one!

Mattress Cleaning Cleaning Price
Single Mattress £30.00
Double Mattress £40.00
King Size Mattres £50.00
*Prices shown are all inclusive…


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