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Hard Floors -Tile & Grout

We Don’t Just Clean Carpets & Rugs!

Don’t Fret About Your Dirty Stone Or Ceramic Tile Floors… We Can Bring Them Back To Life.”

YES!! Including Those Filthy Grout Lines – And We Can
Apply A Sealer To Keep Them Looking That Great Longer!


hard floor cleaning torquay

We can thoroughly clean your natural limestone entrance hall floor tiles, your slate kitchen floor tiles, or your ceramic bathroom wall tiles, even your granite worktops and splash backs and make them all look as if they were freshly laid.

Also … have you ever noticed the difference in shade of colour of the grout at the very edge of the room, which should be almost as new and the grout in the middle of the floor now?

It can be surprising how even with regular mopping the grout always looks dirty as it attracts the soil. Now we can clean the grout so it looks like new again. The old days of mops and toothbrushes are gone forever!! Our cleaning process flushes out more dirt than a mop and bucket ever could.

With new technology we can clean your tile and grout with highly pressurised hot water with complete precession control and removal for truly thorough deep clean!

After the cleaning process we apply a professional application of an impregnating sealer, which does what it says … impregnates the tile and / or grout and gives a visible protective barrier which will leave your floors so much easier to clean.

Did you know most tile fitters never seal tiles or grout they fit… that means you could damage your floor by spilling some everyday products you have in your kitchen or bathroom. Now we can clean and protect for you … call Eco-Clean Service for our free tile and grout cleaning ‘demo’.


Hard Surfaces that are unsealed or sealed with poor quality sealers are a sponge for oil, food, beverage or cosmetic spills which can result in permanent staining.

Only proper sealing and maintenance can protect your flooring investment from permanent damage by creating an invisible barrier to reduce spill penetration call Eco-Clean Service for our free tile and grout cleaning ‘demo’.


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